Monday, August 3, 2009

Nearing the point of no return

I had many dreams since young.

One was to to start my own business.

In uni, I dreamt of a little cafe, tucked in a quiet neighbourhood area.Mothers would come in in the morning, when their children are in school, enjoying a little gossip over some cake and hot tea. Students would visit my little dream cafe after school, and have a glass of iced coffee whilst discussing their school projects. In the evenings, cousins or friends would drop by, enjoying a bit of dinner or just some drinks. On certain occassions, the cafe would be closed for a special birthday for a grandmother, or a special anniversary.

Even before graduation, I knew my dream wasn't going to come through, since I accepted a job at a reputable consulting firm.

But then, I had too many other dreams that didn't come true - including becoming president of the republic of Singapore, having an elder brother and so on... So I didn't make too much of it.

I've worked for many years since graduation. But this particular little dream of having my own business stayed with me over the years.

Over time, the idea of a cafe changed and evolved.

And now, after all these years, I'm standing near to the point of no return - registration of my own little company.

It's almost like deciding to get married. Only I didn't feel that worried and nervous at that time. But doing my own business is a big change, to me at least... It'd be unlike leading teams, implementing systems, managing projects and timelines..

Part of me is feeling jittery inside. A million "what-ifs", mostly negative, are running around inside my head.

Part of me is feeling proud of myself. Proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. Proud of myself for taking that step to change my own life.

For better or for worst, it'd be a new chapter of my life.

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