Friday, August 21, 2009

The Picnic and The Rain

View from my window

It's absolutely pouring now.. and I'm beginning to think that our picnic this evening has no hope.

Picnic? Where? Why? - Those were my first reaction when a friend suggested that we should go for a picnic this week for our cell group meeting.

D, inspite of her super busy schedule, had suggested and kind of arranged for this whole picnic thing. And until this morning, I wasn't super keen.

But after looking at the pictures of Marina Barrage this morning, I changed my mind. I've never been there and boy, it looks cool.

And a picnic in the evening means that I do not need to worry about getting a sun-burn.

I'd be making some tea and smoothies for the picnic.. and also buying a cake (No time to bake today). D will be getting chicken pie. Someone else is getting sandwiches. G said she'd make some tartlets.


The last time I had a picnic, was with a group of young girls whom I took for Bible class. And that was like... 5 years ago maybe?

I was really quite looking forward to this.

Let's hope the rain stops soon and Mr Overworked-Singaporean-Sun will dry up our picnic grounds before this evening.

Post Script, added 24 Aug:

We did go for the picnic after all.. and it wasn't too wet. In fact, the weather was nice and cooling because of the rain that day. Here's a photo taken by D. I think Marina Barrage is best visited in the evening, as the sun is setting and the lights come on. For now, you'd have to ignore the construction works of the IR though.

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