Friday, September 18, 2009

My favourite mask

Most of my friends knows I like to buy and try out different facial products.

And I especially like masks. But I don't like many facial masks out there.

The rinse-off type of masks - whether gel or clay masks, I find a bit too troublesome. It's troublesome to bathe, put on a mask and read for say 15 minutes, then disrupt the reading to go rinse off the mask.

Those overnight ones are more bearable. But even my favourite overnight mask, Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack, feels a little sticky at first. And sticky is uncomfortable, so it isn't good.

Those facial sheets ones are the worst. Although many good masks comes in the form of facial sheets (e.g. SKII, For Beloved One), I don't like them because I feel very wet and sticky for that 15 to 20 minutes when they rest on my skin. No matter how good the results may be, I just don't feel comfortable when leaving it on. And so, even if there are good and effective, I don't use them a lot.

Hisamitsu's Lifecella mask is my favourite mask. It is a pre-formed gel mask, meaning it is like the facial sheets type where you peel of the backing and leave it on your face. But it is a gel mask, so it is not wet, sticky or messy to use. And if you put it in the fridge before using it, it is very cooling and comfortable. It does have a little wee-bit of a smell.. but it's a smell I can bear with.

Results wise, I feel that it is pretty moisturising, and is as good as any other facial sheets mask out there.

For some reason, I couldn't find these in Singapore anymore (maybe it is just because I'm ill informed). They used to sell it in Watsons. So, I often stock up on them when I go Hong Kong. But during my trip to Taiwan, I found they come in a few more varieties in Taiwan.

In all, I've seen the following in this Pre-formed Gal Mask series:
- Orange Mask (Picture below)
- Whitening Mask (Comes in red packaging)
- Moisturising Mask (Comes in blue packaging, Taiwan)
- Moisturising Clay Mask (Comes in grey packaging, Taiwan)


Anonymous said...

Hi, i like Hisamitsu mask too!
I have been searching for it but could not find it either.
I just see it on Sasa's website. I will go down to Sasa and look for it soon. Hope that they have it there :) Cheers.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... yes.. it's a good mask. I'm not quite sure if they have it in Singapore Sasa. They definitely do in HK's Sasa. Some outlets don't but most do..

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