Monday, October 5, 2009

The Beauty or The Beast

I've always liked baking - I think I make a very mean brownie, reasonable cheesecakes and pretty okay butter cakes.

But I'm no professional. So, I never really bothered about investing in a good mixer. Instead, I rely on my mother's 30 year-old mixer to do most of the job. Or else on a hand whisk and pure muscle-power.

One day, when I become a better baker, I'd buy a nice mixer and all the mixing and whisking will be much easy. Or so I thought.

But The Husband is not like me. No, he doesn't do things by halves.

After our first baking lesson, he decided he wants to bake and declared that he will buy the professional, giant-of-a-mixer SPAR mixer that they have at the baking school.

And so, here it is now, sitting in our house - The Mixer.

I can't quite decide to call it The Beauty or The Beast.. so for now, it'd be called The Mixer, with a capital M in respect of its size, thank-you-very-much.

The Mixer - I put a coffee mug next to it so that
the size of this thing can be seen from the photo..

The Mixer is a highly efficient machine - easy to use and also easy to wash.

And so here I am now, very pleased with this new addition to the kitchen.

I only wish it came in colours other than white. But oh well, at least that matches the colour of my kitchen.

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