Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Investment Advice

I received a piece of good investment advice yesterday.

It came from a wise young friend.

I have been frustrated and discouraged over finding a location for my shop.

Many people have told me to take my time.

"You are in no hurry."

"It's important to take time..."

"These things are like that."

But still, I felt frustrated and a bit helpless.. and sometimes, I wonder if I'm just wasting my time. And I can't help but think that maybe.. I should go back to work and be busy like everyone else around me.

This friend gave me a new perspective - All that time I have on my hands can be invested into doing other things..

"Invest your time with God. Spend more time reading the Bible and praying.. Investment in God will pay off more than any other thing you invest in."

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