Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New IT word

Boomz.. is the latest "IT" word in town.

At the expense of a 19 year-old girl, who made some mistakes in the past and speak poor English. But because she also happens to be a beauty queen, people find it a lot harder to forgive her faults than any other normal 19 year-old.

Don't misunderstand.. I'm no saint.. I laughed a lot when I saw the you-tube interview of the interview I saw on you-tube, at "zebra prings" and "boomz" and all..

And I do think that the advertisement for Singapore idol, where the judges went "bo-bo-boomz" is really quite comical .

But I'm also laughing because actually, she's just being quite.. Singaporean. I don't mean to ridicule or put-down Singaporeans, since I'm one myself.. but it's true that we don't always speak the best English... and sometimes, we end up being sounding quite hilarious..

But I'm rather proud to be a Singaporean and think that even though our English is not perfect, most of us are quite effectively billingual.. and that really helps at work or when we travel.

An Italian friend showed me this humourous clip about how Italians are so different from the rest of the Europeans.. This clip is so funny.. (and so cute) and the thing is.. he didn't mind it at all..and was quite proud about it even.

Here's the link: http://www.lifeinitaly.com/flash/default.asp

(You HAVE TO click here and go watch it.. and you HAVE TO turn on the volume as you watch because the music is brilliant. And if the above page doesn't load up properly for you, try this you-tube link instead.. )

I think it is good for us to embrace ourselves for what we are and just have a laugh at ourselves sometimes..

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