Friday, October 9, 2009

A nice Korean Restaurant in BJ

I know.. I know my phototaking skills suck... and on certain days, especially when I have a raveneous appetite, my photos turn out worse than usual.

But I still insist on blogging about this Korean Restaurant that I like a lot in Beijing.

It's not the fancy type of Korean restaurants with dim lighting, great red-wine, private rooms and excellent service... where you can host friends visiting from other cities or go on a nice date with someone special. (Not that I don't like those type of Korean restaurants.. but they are not somewhere you'd often go..)

But no, 麻浦烧烤, or Ma-pu as I would usually call it, is a very down-to-earth, bright lights and busy kitchen type of Korean BBQ restaurant where you know they serve good, hearty meals at reasonable prices from the number of Korean customers they have there during dinner time.

They serve very good seasoned beef and pork, a reasonably refreshing Korean cold noodles, excellent soups.. and most of all... very good rice in a sizzling hot stone-pot.

The rice is white rice, mixed with purple rice and a little bit of mixed beans. They usually need at least 15 - 25 minutes to serve it.. but it's always worth the wait.

I brought an ex-client-turned-friend who recently moved to Beijing to this restaurant this time around.

The seasoned beef is very good.. The seasoned pork even better
(From someone who doesn't take pork, that's saying a lot)

The many side dishes and purple rice in a hot stone-pot.
They'd pour some tea into the hotpot after the rice is taken out.. you get porridge!
Address: 朝阳区新源里14号
Tel: 010-64620316

Now, I just need to find a similar place in Singapore...

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