Saturday, October 17, 2009

Standard drop

Standard Drop leh - That's a very "Singaporean" expression.

For a restaurant, it means that the overall quality of the food or service has declined.

And very sadly, this is exactly what I thought of one of my favourite crab place in town, Mellben Seafood, when we visited it today for dinner.

I used to bring all my friends or relatives visiting Singapore to this place.. and I'd always be raving about how good the food is at this place, especially the Crabs with Bee Hoon and Soup.

We ordered all my favourite dishes today and I am really sorry to say that apart from the Thai-styled Chicken, the other dishes no longer taste as good as they used to taste back when the store was located at Serangoon Central. Oh, they don't taste bad.. just not as good as they used to be. And.. I think the prices have gone up by... at least 30%?

It's really sad. Now, I have to look for a new restaurant to bring friends/ relatives to when they drop by Singapore.

Some of the dishes we had today. Is hard to take good pictures with oily fingers..

Mellben Seafood
Address: Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1222
Tel: +65 6285 6762


evan 이벤젤린 said...

seriously? i've never been there b4, despite all its raves. i think its inevitable la, usually standard will drop when restaurants get famous or when they start having lotsa branches/franchises. sg is food haven, im sure its not difficult to find another tze char place? :D

btw its mellben, not melben meh? :p

Open Kitchen Concept said...

oh.. I've been to this place for many years now.. is sad.. but.. they have branches now!?

Oh.. yes, I see a Mellben Toa Payoh in hungrygowhere.. (That.. is also where I get my spelling for.. sure if it is right actually... :p)

Hm.. I guess I'm still looking for the Holy Grail of Crab Bee Hoon Soup. :p

evan 이벤젤린 said...

haha no la what i mean is, when standards drop normally there's only two reasons lor, either they become too famous (cannot handle crowd + become complacent) or that they start having franchises eg. botak jones. for mellben's (i really rem it was called melben hehe) case i think it shd be the former, since they don't hv any branches.

anyway i heard this place is good, raved by my foodie friends, ming kee live seafood. apparently their crab is good la :

maybe u can give it a try :D

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