Friday, October 9, 2009

Super Chocolatey Cake

I like chocolate cake.

Actually, I like all kinds of cake. If you ask me what cake I'd like for my birthday.. I'd have a hard time deciding.. cheesecake, strawberry cake, durian cake, mango cake... most of these I'd love. But you'd never go wrong if you get me a chocolate cake.

A piece of nice, warm chocolate cake can soothe any bad days.

I've tried a few chocolate cake recipes now.. and so far, most of them contain too little chocolate.. although they do taste quite chocolatey enough.

This recipe that I have is from a cell group friend. It contains loads and loads of chocolate.. I've tweaked the original recipe a little to make it less sweet..

Ingredients used
113g cake flour
45g cocoa powder
1/3 tsp bicarbonate soda
little tiny bit of salt
113g chocolate
2.5 eggs
156g caster sugar
113g unsalted butter
156g milk

This recipe contains loads of chocolate.. and is also very simple to make.

My only problem with this cake is that whilst it is REALLY very chocolatey, kind of like biting into a nice piece of chocolate bar, it is also QUITE crumply. And I don't like crumply cakes..

I'd making this cake a little differently next time, creaming the butter and sugar, then pouring in melted chocolate and eggs, instead of melting the chocolate with butter and mixing all the ingredients together. I'd also adjust the proportion of the ingredients a little (applying what I learnt in the cake making course).

Hopefully, that will make the cake less crumply..

I'd post the revised recipe again once I get it right...

A very intense chocolate cake

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