Monday, October 12, 2009

Tea at TWG

I went for tea again today.

When I said I was "so going to high-tea more frequently"... I didn't mean quite so frequently. But this appointment was fixed up before Saturday..

But oh.. I didn't regret going at all. In fact, I really enjoyed my tea today - the tea, food and company.

The tea was good - We tried the "Timeless tea" (a fruity red tea) and "Sakura Geisha Blossoms tea" (a peachy green tea). Both were very good.

The food was also good and I especially liked the fact that it came in a traditional 3 tiered afternoon set.

There were so many choices for tea, it was hard to decide.
I liked the scale they use to weigh the tea for you if you buy them.

Tea was good. The scones were fresh and the marmalade
that came with tasted very much like a nice fruit jelly

Even though this tea salon is right smack in the middle of Ion Shopping Mall, it was pretty cozy and quiet.

It's a nice place in town to have tea and catch up with a friend or two.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
Address: ION Shopping Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, #02 - 21
Tel: +65 6735 1837


evan 이벤젤린 said...

omggg i don't know how u can be so fast!! totally efficient la u! btw its geisha blossom, not sakura blossom :p

love love love today! i think company is always the most important thing, and if the food is good, its a bonus.

i'm so going back to TWG again! and let me know how u find the french earl grey :D

Open Kitchen Concept said...

hehe.. :) Yes, I'd try the earl grey and let you know..

BTW, the pics.. turn out great!

Jyoan said...

Their macarons are one of the better ones, given the lousy macaron scene in Singapore. But not the tasty Singaporean kind, more on the blander, balanced side, and yes, can taste tea in every flavour. I don't really like them. Still Canele is the best. haha.

Their tea is good though, of course. And I like the Singapore pie thing they sell.

The service is more than excellent. They guys actually made it a point to sit me nicely as I was alone, so I don't feel strange. And they tried to interact with me, asking me about the food and omg, service was really great. *thumbs up* for the native French people. Nothing short of gentlemen that I can describe them with. =) (They also remember to leave me alone with my food at the right moment, so that I don't feel too disturbed.)

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