Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 100 Cupcakes Challenge - Part 1

The challenge: 100 cupcakes + frosting

The limitations: 1 inexperienced baker, 1 home oven and 1 relatively small kitchen

The deadline (100% self-imposed): 5 hours for the cupcakes, 2 hours for the frosting, including clean-up and packing time

I'm supposed to be baking the cupcakes and preparing the frosting for a cupcake icing class that G has asked me to take for The Girls.

It would be on the second day of The Camp and just in case I have to do some last minute stuff on the first day, I have decided that I would make the cupcakes 2 days in advance (heck the "cakes taste best on the day they are baked" principle) and would make the frosting the morning of the second day.

For someone who has only ever baked about 10 cupcakes before.. and have only really frosted a couple of cupcakes... 100 cupcakes is a huge challenge. I'm hoping all goes well for the class.. but in case things go badly... well.. it'd be a cupcakes tasting class instead of a cupcakes icing class!

The last time I made cupcakes... during baking class in Oct


plantsstories said...

Your cupcake picture makes me want to eat them! =(

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hm.. ok.. I'd remember this.. Next time if have chance.. I'd bring to a GCS event, ok?

plantsstories said...

LOL. Okays!

Maybe I can get the recipe from you then I try, too?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Sure! See today's posts for recipes.. http://openkitchenconcept.blogspot.com/2009/11/100-cupcakes-challenge-part-2.html

plantsstories said...

Thank you!D

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ar.. Sky.. pardon naggy me.. You probably realised already but just in case.. if you are not making so many cupcakes.. remember to halve the recipe.. or quarter it even... :)

plantsstories said...

Okays, SB! Me, I'll probably need to re-read the recipe countless times before daring to attempt it. Haha.

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