Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The 100 Cupcakes Challenge - Part 2

Things I am doing to make my 100 cupcakes challenge viable:

1. Go mini
I will be making mini cupcakes for my 100 cupcakes challenge. I decided it is easier (hopefully) to go small.

I'd also be using mini muffin cups since I don't have enough cake trays for that many cupcakes..

2. Keep things simple
I'd be making only 2 different types of cupcakes (Butter cupcakes and Chocolate cupcakes) with essentially the same recipe.

And all the frosting will all be made from the same (Rachel Ray) recipe.. Just using different colouring for variety..

3. Think Ready-Made
Mini chocolate chips and assorted colourful toppings from Sunlik Trading (Seah Street)

4. Extra extra extra
I'd try to make an extra amount of everything just in case I make mistakes..

And I just realised I need more than 2 kg of sugar! Wow... I must remember that.. and try not to eat too many at one go...

The Recipes:
For Butter Cup Cakes:
Butter 280g
Sugar 520g
Salt 1tsp
Whole Egg 4 Nos
Cake Flour 540g
Milk 440g (Added 26 Nov 09: I think 400g of milk would suffice)
Baking Powder 2tsp

For Chocolate Cup Cakes:
Butter 280g
Sugar 520g
Salt 1tsp
Whole Egg 4Nos
Cake Flour 440g
Milk 440g
Cocoa Powder 100g
Bicarbonate of Soda 2tsp

Steps for the cakes:
1. Sift all the dry ingredients together
2. Cream butter and sugar until colour turns light
3. And eggs one at a time
4. Add one third of the dry ingredients, then one third of the milk and keep alternating til all ingredients are added

For the Frosting:
Butter 450g
Icing Sugar 1350g (Added 28 Nov 09: I think 1000g of icing sugar is enough..)
Vanilla Extract 1tsp
Milk 60g
4 different food colouring

Steps for the frosting:
1. Cream butter til light, adding the sugar gradually
2. When half the sugar has been added, add in milk and vanilla essence before adding the remaining sugar
3. When frosting is done, add in desired colouring

Now, if only my cupcakes could look like that!

Post script, added 26 Nov 09:
I think the recipe above is enough for about around 80-90 small cupcakes.. I ended up making another half a batch and ended up with 100 small cupcakes and 11 big ones.

I also think the recipe for the Butter Cupcakes should be adjusted (by reducing the amount of milk) so that you get a thicker batter... and by error I found that the baking powder can be ommitted - the cake still taste fluffy and nice.. The Chocolate Cupcakes recipe is just fine.


petunialee said...

How? How? How? Pictures?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... I just finished them.. :) See

To be honest, I don't think I'd dare doing so many ever again! heehee..

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