Monday, November 9, 2009

Macadamia Nut Biscotti

The Husband made a batch of these on Sunday and what they didn't have in looks (as biscotti are often wont to).. they more than make up for in taste.

They were super crunchy and crackly... and has that nice "biscotti" taste to it. It's the baking soda in the dough that gives the wonderful texture and flavour to these. When they came out of the oven the first time around, we both thought this was a failed project.

But the second baking changed all that. A wonderful smell crept out of the oven and when he took it out, I knew this would be an instant hit with all of us.

This is the second recipe that The Husband has tried from the book Baking with Julia. And both recipes had turned out really great. (The first were the Buttermilk Scones.)

The original recipe in this book was Hazelnut Biscotti.. but because we had so many macadamia nuts at home, The Husband made these instead.

Yummy yummy.

Super crackly biscotti - did you know that biscotti roughly
translates to cooked twice? (Bis - twice and cotti - cooked)

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