Friday, November 13, 2009

Sushi Birthday Cake

This is such a unique cake, right?

It is a sushi birthday cake.

It was a dear friend's birthday yesterday and R found this little Japanese restaurant tucked away at Tanjong Katong road. They apparently would make this for you if you tell them that someone in the group is celebrating his/ her birthday at the restaurant.

There was a short debate about what this cake was supposed to be shaped after - strawberry... apple... carrot... I just agreed with everyone last night.. It seemed to look like any of those though I couldn't explain what the 2 smaller rice balls were.

But when I took a look at the photo today again.. I know.

It's a pumpkin carriage! The 2 smaller rice balls are the wheels!

Hm... Just the right cake for Princess G.

The food at this place was rather ok for a sit-down-order-away type of buffet place. I was most impressed by their miso soup with clams (very good... taste like one my Japanese friend's mother made for me years ago), hamachi sashimi and chawan-mushi.

They were really quite understaffed when we went, so I felt a bit bad to be harrassing the waiter/ waitresses all the time.. but it was kind of hard to get their attention as they were zooming here and there. We were really tickled when the waiter came over to ask us when we wanted our sushi cake served and spoilt the surprise for G. And he did that twice!

The first time he did that, R said yes, then pretended to not know what it was and turned around to G and asked, "What sushi cake?".

Then he came around again and asked "So you want your sushi cake to be served now, right?"

By then G was smiling away.. and all of us just roared with laughter!

Minoriya Japanese Restaurant (Tanjong Katong)
309-311 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437094
Tel: +65-6346-6686

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