Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Wife Beef Noodles

"Big Wife" is the wife of writer Lee Shun-yan (李純恩). Don't be mistaken by the name though. Lee has only 1 wife.. 大婆, which translates to Big Wife or Big Woman is his nickname for his wife. His 小婆 (or Little Woman) is his daughter.

Big Wife Beef Noodles, or 大婆牛肉麵, sells my favourite beef noodles.

Once, on a 3 plus hours stopover from France to Beijing, we spent about close to HKD400 on transportation to have a bowl of hot yummy noodles that cost us less than HKD40 each.

The noodles are apparently Taiwanese beef noodles.

The meat is chunky and very melt-in-your-mouth soft. You know it is good just by picking it up with your chopsticks - You can see all that wonderful ligaments and tendons in the meat.. and it breaks apart easily with a little pressure.

The noodles used to be really great.. but they must have changed their noodles because I didn't think very much of the noodles I had today.

The highlight of the bowl of noodles is the soup. It comes in a glorious brown colour with a tinge of spiciness - chilli, lots of taste of beef, a bit of herbs in the background... and... hm.. is it szechuan peppers? Whatever it is that Big Wife puts into her soup, it kind of make you want to slurp the entire bowl up.

See the glorious pieces of beef? There is no fatty pieces of meat.. 
the lighter coloured pieces are beef tendons..

A must-try if you are nearby the restaurant at Kowloon City.. or its branch at Wan Chai.

大婆牛肉麵 Big Wife Beef Noodles
Address (Kowloon City): 九龍城福佬村道5至9號地下C號舖
Address (Wan Chai): 灣仔灣仔道188號廣生行大廈C-D座地下 (入口於克街)

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petunialee said...

Whoa! Makes me wanna go to Hong Kong now.

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