Friday, January 8, 2010

Bread and Ice-cream

I was in Beijing in December and as usual, my very nice ex-colleagues would try to bring me out for nice dinners almost every night.

For lunch, because of work, we usually have to go somewhere nearby.

And all of them know I like this particular restaurant nearby called Charme Restaurant (港丽餐厅).

The restaurant serves pretty good food in general but I like it because of this particular dessert:

Toasted thick bread and vanilla ice-cream

It is a super thick piece of bread - almost like half a normal breakfast loaf, toasted golden brown until very crispy on the outside with some butter and sugar on top and then topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

The crust on the sides are kind of like the "bowl" of this dish - the chef has cut up the centre part into bite-size pieces so you just eat those. The pieces of bread on top, are of course crispy and hot and comes with melted butter, sugar and ice-cream. The ones inside are soft and chewy and comes with melted ice-cream.

Such a simple dish... but so yummy!

港丽餐厅 Charme Restaurant
Address: 西城区西单北大街131号大悦城6楼01号


Anonymous said...

Oh man. You just made me so hungry!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh Sky, somehow I missed this comment of yours. This is really yummy.. if you ever go Shanghai or Beijing.. you have to try this out!

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