Monday, January 4, 2010

Char Siew Rice and Wanton Noodles

There are a few things The Husband would almost never order in a restaurant in Singapore (or coffee shop, hawker centre or any eateries).

Top of the list comes Char Siew Rice/ Noodles and Wanton Noodles.

On our version of Char Siew Rice - "The Char Siew is too lean and cut much too thinly. And then they pour that dark coloured Sauce on top of your rice" (The word Sauce is accompanied by a mixed look of horror and disgust.)

On our version of Wanton Noodles, with ketchup and chilli - "Ketchup!!??" He flatly refuse to eat any morsel I offer.

But... I like the Singaporean version of Wanton Noodles. I guess it is because it is the taste I grew up with.. Wanton with mostly pork and almost no prawns, a few thinly sliced char siew, a couple of strands of choy sum, noodles with ketchup, chilli sauce and (sometimes) a dark black sauce.. Hm.. I remember eating it almost every Saturday morning with my parents growing up.

Char Siew Rice though, I'd have to admit, I don't like too much. I just think that the meat usually isn't that fragrant and sometimes comes in a really weird too-red colour.

I'd have to admit though that the Char Siew Rice and Wanton Noodles in Hong Kong are usually very delicious.

They serve both dishes very well at King's Palace (皇府). Despite the name, it is just a very neat and clean restaurant in Festival Walk (They have a few branches - the other one I know is at the HK International Airport, within the restricted area next to Cafe de Coral)

As said, I'm no big fan of Char Siew Rice, but even I have to admit that the Char Siew they served at King's Palace is soft and fragrant and goes very well with the gooey egg yolk that flows into the rice. No chilli or extra sauce required.

Like almost every other restaurants in Hong Kong that serves wanton noodles, the wanton noodles is served with the noodles on top and the wantons below. This is to prevent the noodles from soaking up too much soup and overcooking.

Invariably, the noodles come with a slightly alkali taste which I like, but if you don't, you just need to add a little bit of the red vinegar that you'd find on the table and it'd balance of the alkali taste quite miraculously.

BBQ Pork Rice and Wanton Noodles

皇府 King's Palace Congee and Noodle Bar
Address: 九龍塘達之路80號又一城L1-19
Kowloon Tong Festival Walk L1-19

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