Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homemade wantons

Homemade wantons - this is how they look like after cooking

The Mother-in-law is here to stay with us for the month.

This week, I learnt how to make wantons from her.  These wantons are not like the ones you get outside. There is minced pork, bits of prawns, Chinese cabbage (The Mother-in-law says you can add any vegetables you like..) and Chinese parsley.

The meat made the wantons very tasty, the prawns made them a little crunchy whilst the vegetables made them really juicy.

They were surprisingly easy to make.

What we did
  1. Blanched the Chinese cabbage in some hot water
  2. Cool of the vegetables and wringed them to get rid of the water within the vegetables
  3. Cut the vegetables into small pieces
  4. Cut the Chinese parsley into small pieces
  5. Minced the pork, cut up the prawns into little pieces
  6. Mixed all the ingredients together and season with salt, soy sauce and some pepper
  7. Wrap the wantons up - place a little meat in the centre of the wanton skin, fold it into fold and then join the lower 2 ends together so that the resulting wanton looked like an ingot. This video clip illustrates this very clearly..
  8. Bring to boil a pot of water, then add in the wantons and cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occassionally to ensure they do not stick to the pot or to one another
  9. Then add the cooked wantons to a pot of chicken soup and serve immediately. 
You can also add some vegetables, mushrooms and wolfberries to the chicken soup to have a more balanced meal, but cook these before adding the wantons.

How the wantons looked like before cooking - like gold ingots

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