Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Married Couple Rocks

During low tide the sea is completely out and the rocks 
supposedly look less impressive.

The Married Couple Rocks, Wedded Rocks, or also called the Husband-and-Wife Rocks (夫婦岩 Meoto-Iwa) are located just off the coast of Futami, Ise.

The bigger rock is supposedly the "Husband Rock" and the smaller one the "Wife Rock". The two are joined by a very thick straw rope.

Some say that the two rocks symbolized marriage, others say they represent the primal couple in Japanese history... Whatever the story, the rocks are considered sacred by some, and especially those who frequent the shinto shrine nearby, along the coast where the rocks are.

Signage of the Rocks

There are supposedly several Wedded Rocks in Japan but this pair is most famous.

I liked the blue sky, the deep blue of the sea and the sound of the waves at this place.. and also how the colour of things change. When the sun came out, the sea turned from greenish blue to dark blue.

It was a nice day for photos when we were there

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