Friday, January 29, 2010

Mixed Berries Galette

I finally got around to baking a galette.

A galette is supposed to a round, flat and crusty pastry, served with either sweet or savoury fillings. Some websites also say it is general term used in French to designate various types of flat, round or freeform crusty cakes.

According to my Julia Child recipe though, it looks more like a rustic tart.

I ended up adapting my pastry recipe from Use Real Butter, because I didn't have the ingredients that the Julia Child recipe called for. The only difference was that I added 1 3/4 cups of plain flour and 1/4 cups of cornmeal instead of the 2 cups of flour in her recipe.

The galette turned out pretty alright.

I would however recommend the following if you were to try this recipe:
1. Brush the galette with an egg wash prior to baking so that the galette will brown nicely. I find that just sprinkling it with brown sugar does nothing to enhance the colour of the baked galette.
2. Use extra fine sugar or even icing sugar to mix with the fruits instead of just regular fine sugar. This is because the sugar doesn't really completely melt after baking and you end up seeing tiny crystals here and there.
3. Refrigerate the pastry for at least an hour before rolling it out, to make the rolling job easier.

I'd do those the next time I make a Tomato and Basil Galette.

I liked how the mixed berries turned out - 
Blueberries and dark cherries go very well together!


petunialee said...

Hey! That was what I ate! It was yummy alright!

Leah said...

Yes! I ate that too! Thanks for the treat!

Blur Ting said...

I liked it alot. The crust has a nice nutty taste, it's good even on its own.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Dear Petunia, Leah and Ting, you ladies really made my day. :) It is appreciative friends like you who making baking a delight!

Blur Ting said...

Hey OKC, Have you seen my latest gardening post? Do you think a gardener like you would find the easybloom gadget useful?

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