Friday, January 22, 2010

Wedding Corsages

In a typical Singapore Chinese wedding, the groom arrives early in the morning at the bride's place, with a group of male friends called "xiong di" (or brothers) to fetch his bride.

The bride would have a group of "jie mei" (or sisters) waiting for them and it is only after several games (more like obstacles, usually) and a fat "ang-pow" (red packet) later that the "jie mei" would consent to let the groom in and meet his bride.

Happy's wedding is tomorrow and she has lots of "jie mei". I wanted to help her with something for her wedding so upon my insistence, she allowed me to help her make corsages for her "jie mei".

Happy wanted red corsages and even though I don't really usually like red in things that are worn, I thought these corsages turned out pretty bright and cheerful.

Cheery red corsages - took me a while to make them.. but I really enjoyed it!


petunialee said...

These are beautiful corsages. You are so talented OKC.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Petunia.. is a very nice compliment to receive.. actually.. I think it is just that I have more time than most people.. :)

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