Friday, May 28, 2010

Buttermilk Replacement

It is not easy to find buttermilk in the local supermarkets..

And I realised that the large boxes that buttermilk often comes in when I do find them is not friendly to small families like mine.

So, I googled around and for some substitutes. Here are the top 4 substitutes I've found.

Substitute #1
One cup milk + 1 tablespoon acid (lemon juice or vinegar)

Unfortunately, the rich tang and slightly thick texture of true authentic buttermilk will not be present. Some people suggest adding one cup of milk less one tablespoon, instead of a whole cup of milk.

Substitute #2
Plain yogurt

The texture of plain yogurt is thicker than that of milk so it is definitely rich enough.. but the unique tang of buttermilk is still not present.

Substitue #3
Half of Substitue #1 and Half of Substitute #2

This one seems to work pretty well. The texture is pretty thick.. but not overly so.

Buttermilk Substitute #4
Whipping cream

Over whip your whipping cream and you end up getting this lumpy, yellowish looking thing. Drain the liquid and that liquid will be buttermilk. The lumpy looking thing? Fresh homemade butter.

This is by far my favourite option.. and what I'd do next time when I over whip cream.. use the buttermilk to make scones.. and eat them with jam and the freshly made butter!

Milk - quite amazing what you can do with it, isn't it? 

Here is a pic of a very cute milk bottle from Koiwai farm, Japan. 
The bottle was so cute I had to lug it back home. This photo looks pretty professional, no? 
It's taken with The Husband's newest lens.

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