Saturday, May 8, 2010

Money Management by Women

The Husband and I like to watch The Suze Orman Show on CNBC..

I used to think she is just loud and rather irritating.

But the more I watch her show on CNBC... the more I like it. She is still loud, of course... and sometimes still a little irritating... but she does hand out some pretty solid advice in the show...

I realised that a lot of women calls into her show to ask her about money management problems.

I used to be shocked by the ignorance of some of the women who call in to her shows - there were women who didn't know how much money their spouse made.. or how much debt their spouse were getting them into.. there was one whose spouse had passed away and she was lost, because she never handled "money stuff"..

But then one day, I realised.. hey.. I do very little of money management myself.

I've never done any budgeting or planning with my money. Not that I didn't save.. but I've never planned how much I should save and how much I should spend.. And I've never carefully plan out how I should invest my money.. or anything like that.

It is ironical. Because planning and plan execute is part of life at work. But in my personal life, I've never really planned things out.

Perhaps it is good that I start doing some money management. I may have started late but hey.. one has got to start somewhere.

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