Monday, June 21, 2010

10 things to do before I die - Part 1

This came about from some movie.. I can't remember which one.. but I'm someone who likes to make a list of things.. There is a to-do list every week for work.. a to-bake list that I go through and update from time to time.. a to-buy list when I go to the supermarket.. and so on.

And so it kind of makes sense for me to make such a list.

Hm.. so here goes my list..

1. Visit Victoria Falls - the Smoke that Thunders
Someone I know who travelled around the world on her own visited this place and was the one who told me about this. Since then, I've always wanted to visit it to see this falls. I've also seen some really fantastic photos of the Niagara Falls.. which I would also love to visit if I can't see Victoria Falls.

Photo sourced from

2. See the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
I've managed to visit a good deal of castles - castles in Japan and France. But I really want to go see this castle, which was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. As with all castles, there is an interesting story behind this castle and the king behind it - King Ludwig II, The Swan King.

Photo from

3. Visit Prince Edward Island
Just simply because I'm such a fan of Anne of Green Gables.. Even though I know the story is fictitious, it'd be nice to visit the place where the story was set in.

4. Climb a mountain
I've never done this before.. I'm sure it'd be really tough.. but I would really like to do it.

5. Run a marathon
Again, I'm sure this will be another really tough thing to do.. but this is something I'd like to do... so I'm planning to slowly be able to run a marathon one day..

There are only 5 items in my list now.. I'm still thinking about my other 5 items..

What are the 10 things in your list?


Blur Ting said...

Interesting list! I used to make lists (of books I've read, things to do etc) but strangely enough, I've stopped making them.

Your post sets me thinking about making this list too.

I went to visit Neuschwanstein Castle with my mum 10 years ago but unfortunately we didn't go up (it's up a hill) and inside because we didn't have time that day. I was very disappointed and vowed to return again one day.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hehehe......i managed only 3, and since you read me blog, i guess u knew them oredi. =P

WaterLearner said...


I stayed in Germany for quite a few years and it's a regret that I never visited that fantasy castle by Prince Ludwig.

:-) It's my dream to be able to complete a marathon in my lifetime too!

Malar said...

I do make list.... of things to buy! ;-))

JY said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... it's always fun to meet new bloggers... I see we have a few blogger friends in common! My list??? Hmmm... I have been to Niagara falls...very beautiful... I'd also like to visit Victoria Falls as well... now you've got me thinking!

Anonymous said...

I visited Neuschwanstein Castle in May 2010. It was a beautiful castle set in a beautiful town. You MUST go to the bridge ( where it is near the border to Austria)to catch the stunning view of the castle against the backdrop of the valley and etc.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ting, oh.. such a pity.. but i'm sure you will return one day.

Fry, hm.. 3? I remember seeing 5 things you want to eat! Your maternal grandma's food.. (Mouth watering)

Waterlearner - on the marathon.. you too? But i'm so non-atheletic..

Malar - I do that too! Esp when I go overseas

JY - I really like Japan.. so really envy you. I used to stay there for a short time as a student.. but i suppose working there is different.

Anonymous - thanks! I'd take note of that.. now I really want to fly there straight away!

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