Friday, June 4, 2010

Beautiful Houses

I have been seeing many beautiful houses lately.. (well.. some not so lately actually.. but they are still very vivid in my memory)

And most of these beautiful houses I've seen actually belong to people I know.. not the unrealistic and over-the-top huge ones you see on Travel and Living.. but really practical and beautiful houses belonging to real people.

A lady whose house I visited had a most wonderful dining room that opens up to her beautiful garden. The dining area is also located next to an airwell that brings both light and a light little breeze into the room. And next to it is a room with tatami mats.. ideal for lounging around and watching DVDs.

Another lady's penthouse has the highest ceiling I've ever seen. The light and coolness of her house amazed me. Not to mention her beautiful garden full of Mediterranean herbs. I had to remind myself that I was still in Singapore as I left her place.

A friend's pictures of her apartment on Facebook showed an outdoor bar and sofa set.. The pictures made me feel like asking if I can invite myself to her place for an evening drink! She has a really cool seat-cum-icebox and a really professional-looking bar in her balcony! Complete with TV too! Hm.. I seriously wonder if she'd be back from her trip by the time the World Cup starts..

Then there was this really beautiful townhouse that had the nicest balcony and finishings.. And the water features in the house was a really nice touch!

By the way, I have a really beautiful house too!

It is new but not too new.. has a little airwell in the centre.. a kitchen that opens up into the backyard.. a little cozy attic where I can climb up to read.. and comes complete with a beautiful garden without pests. I do not have to worry about tidying or cleaning it up.. and I can have a change of furniture and wall colours as and when I like! The best part is that this little house of mine keeps changing and growing over time for the better..

Because my beautiful little house (and sometimes not too little) is a house of my dreams..

Ah... I love to day-dream.

Photo from livingpod - I like to surf such websites 
- they inspire me to daydream..

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365days2play said...

I refrain from looking at such websites or magazines....

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