Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Healthy Lychee Freeze

Today is too wet and cold (for Singapore) for a really iced drink.. but I wanted to try this drink out with the box of lychees we bought over the weekend.

Lychees are The Husband's favourite fruit. I like them too.. if not for their very rough skins.. It is a fruit native to China and I think that it is a fruit that does not travel well.. because the ones we have here seem inferior to the ones they have in Hong Kong and China when lychees are in season.

For this drink, I blended about 6 lychees (peeled and de-seeded) with ice and a bit of water.. and this lychee freeze came out nice and sweet! Without a single drop of syrup. No wonder the ones outside often taste too sweet!

I don't really like how my photos turn out with my 
dining table lighting.. The photo looks a bit forlorn.. don't you think?


JY said...

Never had...but looks good!

Blur Ting said...

Lychee is my favourite fruit. I wait all year for them to arrive. I have been buying them weekly. The ones from China are sweet but sometimes slightly tannic. Remember to wash the skin several times to get rid of any traces of chemicals.

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