Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ju Shin Jung at Joo Chiat

Joo Chiat is one of my favourite haunts for food.

There are so many nice little restaurants around the area.. I sometimes wonder if it makes sense for us to move to somewhere nearer to Joo Chiat.

Ju Shin Jung is a very nice and authentic Korean restaurant along Joo Chiat road. The Husband and I were craving for some Korean food, after watching a Korean drama last night about chefs. I always find such dramas extremely interesting to watch - even if the plot is blah.. as long as the food looks good.

So anyway, we think that Ju Shin Jung is a very authentic Korean restaurant.  One of our distant relatives, who is Korean, first recommended the restaurant to us.. and we have been going back pretty consistently.

Lunch at Ju Shin Jung is a pretty good deal - the set lunches cost something like SGD9.90++ - SGD12.90++. Or something in that range. And even at that kind of prices, they still serve the same type of side dishes as they do at dinner.

We had beef bulgogi and seafood tofu soup today. Both were really good..

I like Joo Chiat Road.

The kimchis and side dishes - the pan-fried eggplant is extremely good. (Third from the left)

Beef bulgogi

Seafood tofu soup - very spicy, flavourful and temperature hot!

The odd tasting drink served after the meal - 
I can taste ginger, cinnamon and too much sugar. 
I usually leave this drink alone. 

Even the way they serve tea is very much 
like the Korean restaurants in Korea and China

The napkins they serve at Ju Shin Jung is pretty interesting - they come 
like a small tablet and when you add water to them, they grow into a full sized napkin.

Joo Shin Jung (Joo Chiat)
Address: 451 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01 Katong Junction
Tel: +65 6440 7707
There is another branch at East Coast.. although I prefer the Joo Chiat one.


The World According To Me said...

The food sounds and looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Try the branch in East Coast (above Burger King). I've tried both, and still prefer the East Coast branch.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

hi, I really like your blog! And your about me page is very cute... Actually, I've tried both branches.. our Korean relative likes the East Coast one too! I like Joo Chiat cos I'm biased.. can go buy lots of snacks after lunch..

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