Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kyoho Grapes with Yakult

I like eating Kyoho grapes very much.. the "real ones" from Japan are a bit of a luxury though - they cost about 20SGD for a small bunch!

Kyoho grapes, or 巨峰提子 (literally "giant mountain grapes") are slip-skin grapes (meaning the skin is easily separated from the flesh) that are really juicy and sweet.. They pop in your mouth and fills it with a strong wine taste. Yum! The only bad thing is.. they usually come with seeds..

I have come across some particularly good Taiwanese variety of these grapes before.. which taste almost like the real thing.. but at a quarter of the price. But the ones I bought last week were disappointingly normal. It's probably because the grapes weren't in season.

So instead of eating the rest of it, I decided to make some ice-blended Kyoho Grapes with Yakult.

Again, it's really simple - Kyoho Grapes + Ice + Original Flavoured Yakult - no syrup required because the grapes and yakult were sweet enough. The drink would be much better if sieved but I wanted the goodness of the seeds.. so I just drank it like that, skin, seeds and all.


mr. pineapple man said...

both my favorite!!! the grapes look so good~

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I realised you like Japanese food (in this case fruits) too!

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