Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Pretty Box of Macarons

This is a such a pretty box of macarons that I am tempted to try making some myself...

This box came from a colleague who just returned from London. Even though the macarons were a couple of days old because of her travels.. they still tasted really good.

A simple search on the internet will bring up delightful pictures of these wonderful confectionery. When they are made the way I like them (not too sweet), they are delightful. Part of the attraction for me is that they look so small and dainty.. and they come in so many colours.. that I feel like eating them is like eating a little piece of jewel.

The best macarons are supposed to be from Pierre Herme. I'm not sure how they taste.. I've never tried them. But they come in many exotic flavours and they sure look good!

A smart jeweller has even made a macaron ring! The first time I saw this ring.. I stood for a really long time by the shop's window... They had a display at the windows of about 6 of these rings in different, delicious looking colours!


petunialee said...

I had those from Pierre Herme. Didn't know that they were special. I don't remember being impressed... but then again, macaroons aren't my thing.

Blur Ting said...

Once I wandered into a shop in Loire Valley that had the most tempting displays of macarons. We bought some newly baked ones and they were the best we've ever had! I wish we had bought more.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Petunia.. yeah.. not every one likes macaroons.. I only like them when they are not too sweet.. Ting, that sounds so wonderful. That's the good thing about travelling ya.. There's always the pleasant surprise of wandering into something nice!

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