Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Shapely Little Drink

Yakult has always been one of my favourite drinks.

As a child, I would pester my parents to buy me Yakult whenever we go to the supermarket together. I must have been a very persistent kid.. because even up to now, whenever I go to the supermarket together with my parents, my dad would invariably ask if I wanted to get Yakult.

There is just something about Yakult that makes it so appealing. Maybe it is the fact that it is supposedly healthy.. even though it taste incredibly sweet.

Anyway, there are some interesting facts about Yakult that you might not know about.

1. Singapore is the only country in the world with flavoured Yakult. I remember there being 5 different flavours of the drink as a kid.. The Strawberry flavour was stopped when I was in Primary school. There are 4 flavours now left - Grape, Green Apple, Orange and Original

2. Yakult is more expensive in Singapore than in most of the other Asian countries. I know that for a fact because I sometimes look out for this drink when travelling. It goes for almost half the price of what we pay here in Hong Kong! But of course they don't get the choice of having flavoured Yakult.

3. And they get smaller bottles of Yakult too! The 100ml bottles we drink here are also larger than those sold in other countries, including Japan and Hong Kong.

4. Yakult does home-delivery in Singapore. There is a Yakult van that comes by our place every alternate Tuesday to deliver Yakult to my neighbours. I used to order from them too.. but gave up because I couldn't be at home waiting for the delivery every Tuesday afternoon.

5. There is a Yakult factory in Singapore, located at 7 Senoko Ave. They conduct free tours of the factory.. and you can call them at 62577882 to make an appointment. I haven't gone for this tour myself.. but I am sure it'd be really interesting to go with my niece and nephew!

Yakult - The Healthy Family Drink
Taken by me with The Husband's new lens..

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