Friday, July 30, 2010

Potatoes are laid by cows

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Eggs are laid by chickens and potatoes are laid by cows.

That's what I thought for a good number of years when I was young. Well, you can't really blame me! Eggs are often eaten with chicken sausages and potatoes with steak. And you have to admit from the relative size of the potatoes to that of a cow - they COULD have been laid by cows.

I suppose I was an imaginative child.

Probably exasperatingly so too. I'm not sure if imaginative is the right word because I just had lots of strange theories of my own.

As I've mentioned before in a previous post, I discovered dust balls under my bed and thought that elves (or dwarves) left them there. When I told my mum that, our helper blushed and went to clean out my room again. I got into a few debate with the helper and kept insisting to her there was no point to clean up because the elves would turn up again and the next day the dust balls would be there again. Often, I would show her the proofs of my argument.

And then there was this neighbour who lived on the ninth floor. Once, I walked past her unit, only to see her dressed in a long black dress, sitting at her sewing machine. I stared at her for a long while and I guess she must have glared at me because I insisted she was a witch after that day. From then on, I refused to walk down to the ninth floor to take the lifts (We lived on the 11th floor and the lifts stopped at 9th and 13th only). My poor grandmother had to climb up to take the lift from the 13th floor everyday to bring me to the kindergarten.

I also insisted that The Witch.. or her other witch friends could fly in through the windows and so insisted that all the windows be shut when my parents aren't around. And at night, every single light in the house has to be switched on so that the witches would not turn up. The Elder sister could do nothing but go along with me. My parents used to work til rather late at night. My mother would comment that when they came home from work, she would always know where our unit was from the carpark by just looking out for the brightest unit in the block.

I had many theories and imaginary friends when I was young... There were quite a few of them and it's hard to go through all my theories and introduce my imaginary friends in this post.

But these theories occupied my time after school and my imaginary friends kept me company during my spare time. I stayed rather far away from my primary school, you see. And there weren't many kids near our place around my age that I was allowed to play with. The Elder Sister was too grown up for me and The Younger Brother was just a baby then.

So my theories kept me occupied and my imaginery friends kept me company until we moved and my new Primary school was just a 10 minutes walk away from my house.

I think one of the nicest things about being a kid is that you can imagine and create a world of your own. Even if it is a bizarre world.

I mean.. I would never be able to come up with a theory as good as "potatoes are laid by cows" now.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hohoho.....i used to think choco milk comes from brown cows, and plain ones from black and white = i never like to see black and white cows on TV. so i keep looking out for brown ones.

dun ask me why i didn't think strawberry milk comes from non-existent red cows. i just didn't. hahahahahahahahaha......

Open Kitchen Concept said...

hehehe.. that's a good one.. Choc milk from brown cows! :)

Blur Ting said...

You were so adorable to come up with all this theories!!

petunialee said...

Whoa! You were really an imaginative kid!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ting, Petunia - Hehehe.. my parents and grandmother were just worried I was weird.. hahaha..

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