Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miso Tsukemen

Miso Tsukemen

My favourite ramen store is Miharu, located at Gallery Hotel. I discovered this place because The Ex-Boyfriend would usually stay at this particular hotel whenever he came to Singapore. And since his flight usually arrives around noon, it makes sense to have lunch near the hotel right after he checks in.

Miharu used to use only Japanese ingredients - you can tell the difference because even the scallions tasted very sweet and juicy. Over the years however, the restaurant must have given in to the temptation to buy cheaper ingredients because the scallions and some of the other ingredients are no longer as good.

But their noodles are still very much the same - imported from Japan and very good. My favourite noodles at Miharu is the Miso Tsukemen. Tsukemen つけ麺 is similar to ramen but the noodles are served separate from the soup. The noodles are served cold and are to be dipped into the hot soup. At Harumi, the noodles used for tsukemen is different from the noodles for ramen. The tsukemen noodles are a lot more springy and slightly more al dente.

Once in a while, The Husband (or otherwise also known as The Ex-Boyfriend) and I would go back to Miharu to remember old times and eat our favourite ramen. Miharu is, in spite of everything and all that new competition out there, still the best ramen shop in Singapore.

 The noodles of the tsukemen is very springy.. 
and cooked til perfectly al dente

 Miharu used to sell nothing apart from ramen and gyozas, now, they 
also have other small dishes, like this stir-fried cabbage with sesame oil

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