Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yuzu Tea and a Gourmet Food Store

Bon Bon Bon is a gourmet shop in Hong Kong owned by Wong Shueng Yu, a food connoisseur and author a series of cook books.

A lawyer by training, she quit her job to open the gourmet food store. Her taste for fine food is likely acquired from her mother and grandfather, the renowned philanthropist Tang King-po.

I try to visit her store at Central each time I go Hong Kong. Apart from all the excellent dried foods in her store, she also has sections of selected food imported from all over the world - fragrant soy sauce from Taiwan, excellent olive oil from Greece and what not. It was at Bon Bon Bon that I first discovered Milk Jam.

Last trip, I also bought a bottle of Yuzu Tea from her store. Now there isn't really anything special about Yuzu tea - you can find them at almost any supermarket. But this particular brand from Japan is really quite good. So good that I feel like spreading it on a piece of buttered toast to eat!

有食緣 Bon Bon Bon
香港中環皇后大道中31號 (At Central, not far from H&M)
TEL: +852-2523-6565


Blur Ting said...

Hi OKC, I will be going to HK to attend a wedding in Oct. I should get a list of gourmet shops that I must visit from you!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Sure sure! This one is good.. and then go to City Super.. :) And I'd give you a list of places to go to eat!

Unknown said...

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