Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten Things I Love to Do

This post is seriously overdue. I've been so busy at work that I haven't had much energy to do very much apart from working.. A lot of posts I've started ended up accumulating in my to-finish list.. because I haven't found the time to finish posting.

Malar was the one who invited me to play this game on my blog - what I'm supposed to do is to list out 10 things I like and then invite 10 other bloggers to do the same. She is a lady I got to know through blogging though I've never met her - she has a beautiful garden, by the way, as you can see from her blog..

Now, I read a lot of blogs that Malar also reads.. so unfortunately, I don't think I can name 10 other bloggers that she hasn't already named.. so I've just tagged Evan, Hap(py), Sinfonia, and Sky.. and the rest of you who may not blog.. pls do list out 10 things you like to do in the comments below..

Here is my list:
1. I love to cook - I may not be a good cook but I usually like whatever I cooked. Cooking is therapeutic to me and nothing beats cooking up a big storm and watching people I like eat everything up. I especially like baking and roasting.

2. I love to eat. My favourite cuisine is Japanese. But I also like Italian food.. Chinese food.. Korean food.. American food.. junk food... well you get the idea. My favourite food in the world is eggs.

3. I love to eat desserts. And let me emphasize, this is not a repeat of the above. Desserts are a special category of food that deserves to be specially mentioned. I especially like eating cakes.. and anything with chocolate is good.

4. I love to travel. There are lots of places I haven't been to that I want to go.. If you have seen the "Eat, Pray, Love" movie.. one of the things Julia Robert did - which was staying in Italy for 4 months.. is something I would love to do. I would love to live for a few months in Tuscany and learn cooking from all the Italian mums!

5. I love to garden. There is something very relaxing about getting all hot, tired, dirty over a few plants. It is also exciting to watch them grow up, flower and even better, fruit! One day, I'd have a huge and flourishing garden.. or better yet, a mini-farm!

6. I love to watch TV. The range of shows I watch is very wide - from CNN to Japanese and Korean dramas to Taiwanese food shows. I'm quite an expert when it comes to Travel and Living Channel (now called TLC) programs!

7. I love shopping - online or offline. I am trying to shop less currently, so I shall not go into this too much.

8. I love to repeat doing things I like. Yep, you heard me right. I love to repeat doing things I like - whether it is re-watching a favourite TV series, or re-reading a good book, re-making a dish I really like.. or re-visit a restaurant I really like. I like repeating over and over again until I get enough of it and then move on to my next favourite thing..

9. I love to look at the sky. If I am a painter, the sky is something I would love to "specialise" in - just because it looks different everyday so I will never run out of ideas and things to paint! The sky also reminds me how big God is.. and how creative he is.

10. This is very strange.. but I think I love to work. It's not the work.. but the interacting with people I really like. Someone told me when I started work that if you treat people with your heart, you'd find that working is not about just networking, but also about making friends. Many people don't believe in friends at work, of course.. but some of my favourite peoples in the world are people I've worked with.

A collage on some of the things I like


My SINFONIA said...

Not a good cook? Liar! Your pics look delicious :D

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Only the better ones get published, YM ;)

Blur Ting said...

I love many of those things that you love too, including looking at clouds!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh! :) I owe you some seeds, Ting.. I will try to set some seeds.. if not, I'd pass you the ones I have now (they are a bit old though..)

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