Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Orchid Leaf Problem

As usual, my intentions were good. The orchid plant had leaves that were a bit dusty and I thought a few splashes of water would cheer my plant up.

This was what I got:

Oh dear.

I wished I've read this website earlier - www.cloudsorchids.com/doctor/dleaf.htm

The problem I'm facing can be found under the "Leaf Yellowing - Cultural section" - If little puddles of water sit on leaves for long periods of time, then the leaf will usually turn yellow, then brown and finally black. This is because the leaf cells in that area have died. Always ensure that your plants are completely dry before nightfall. Be especially careful of small depressions in leaf surfaces that can trap water.

I had to cut off about 12 leaves from my beautiful orchid plant. It now looks like it had a really awful "haircut"!

My orchid plant in its beautiful days

I love how the flowers last such a long time


milka said...

I'm not an expert in orchid but (touch wood) i don't have such problem (yet). Because... i seldom water my orchid haha and i think because they are always thirsty and so can absorb all that i water everytime. Erm, not a good advice though, haha.

Malar said...

I don't have experience with orchid but i believe it's temporary. soon your orchid will have beautiful leaves and flowers!

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