Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Award - Part 1

I was really touched to receive an award from Milka. Her blog's name is Milka Jishiben. Jishiben is Chinese for notebook.. and I'm a regular reader of her blog because her blog is like a lovely notebook... more like a lovely scrapbook really. Her blog showcases her gardening experiences and very excellent DIY projects that has me going "woo" and "ahh" every single time.

And so to receive a Stylish Award from Milka.. well.. I kind of feel... I'm not quite sure.. Stylish? My blog? Hm... but having an Award motivates me to blog more regularly! So.. thank you very much, Milka!

To accept this award, the rules are that I must:
* Post a link back to the person that gave me the award
* Share 7 things about myself
* Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
* Contact these bloggers and tell them about it

Here are the 7 things about myself
1) I work in a bank.. and whilst I quite like working.. I secretly (and now not so secretly) think that my job is boring. I mean.. what I do does not cause joy or change the world in anyway.. My world at work is very minute and dull compared to the world out there.
2) I'm born in February. February is really the month that signifies a new beginning for me and is usually when I try to get my New Year resolutions done. (I know.. I'm late usually) I tend to reflect upon what I want to do with my life more around my birthday and I find that helps with setting New Year resolutions. This task gets a little more depressing every year because I still do not really know what I want to do.. You'd think that after so many birthdays, it gets easier.. but it really doesn't!
3) I love to eat and I love to cook almost as much! My idea of a great catch up with friends is over afternoon tea - with a cup of fragrant tea and sinfully delicious cakes and pastries!
4) I have lots of dresses... I think I have about 50 dresses? (Although you'd seldom see me in one off work) Dresses are easy because there is no need to mix and match.. so I suppose you would know the kind of person I am from this..
5) I dislike CATs and am actually quite terrified of them
6) I am rather impatient and have a pretty quick temper. Whilst I may "forgive and forget" very quickly, not everyone around me does that and this causes tension at times. This is something I'm really trying to improve upon.
7) I like growing edibles but I haven't had much luck with most.. They don't seem somehow to survive very well on my balcony.. under my hands.. :)

Now.. the hard part about this reward is getting the 15 new bloggers.. Hm... I'm not sure if I read 15 blogs because Milka has gone and also awarded some blogs I love...

Here are some from me.. (in no particular order of preference..):
1. MySinfonia - a blog on beading, gardening and the wonderful life in Tasmania
2. My Little Garden in Japan - blog about growing lots of amazing stuff in a balcony garden in Japan. I am especially impressed with his edibles and his blog's logo! (Hint - read the About page for more details!)
3. Steph's Green Space - Steph has the most colourful and most shapely flowers! It baffles me how one can get colours and shapes working together like that in a garden! See this post as an example of what I mean.
4. Petunialee - Petunia's blog is about her everyday life seen through her eyes, with her wonderful sense of humour and wit
5. DreamersLoft - For the yummiest recipes and photos of homecooked food and wonderful desserts
6. Kitchen Simplicity - There is nothing simple about this kitchen! I read it like a wonderful food magazine and then go scavenging for food after that..
7. Evan Kitchen Ramblings - Another blog that has amazing, magazine-like food. And I actually know Evan... so in a way, reading her blog is like reading a magazine written by someone I know..

Hm.. let me think about some other blogs I read and would like to recommend - watch this space for more!


milka said...

Thank you for sharing the 7 things about yourself. Now that i know you're working in a bank and not a property agent, ha. I like your job that you can travel and taste the food around the world. I don't know how to comment much on food as im a dummy in the kitchen haha.
Anyway thank you for accepting the award and wish you have a great week ahead.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks! Oh.... Why do you think I'm a property agent? :PPP

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ar... to clarify though.. hehe.. I work in the back office.. so I don't really travel very much.. only once or twice a year.. Still I enjoy the travel bit of work

Stephanie said...

You work in a bank? That's so strange. I always think that 'bankers' are good in numbers only. But you are good in things that make people happy... cooking and gardening haha... Thanks for award! I appreciate it very much :-D

Btw, I am just a full time housewife. Ordinary and no significant things to share to except for the plants I grow hehe...

Happy working, cooking and gardening yeah! Wish you have lots of edibles in your garden soon.

Malar said...

Good to hear more about yourself! You must have a big cupboard to keep all the 50 dresses!
I love eating cakes and pastries too! If you happen to visit Kuala Lumpur we can meet to have cakes! ahhahhaa....

Cheri said...

Thanks so much for the award. ;)

My SINFONIA said...

Hey have you tried growing bak choy? They are quick and easy!
Thanks for the award! Wa, my first award for my blog....

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Cheri and Sinfonia, hey... you are very welcome! Sinfonia, bak choy? Oh... I should try it.. although, The Husband doesn't eat bak choy, haha.. So it'd probably all be mine.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Malar, heheh, I have a very cramped wardrobe, not a big one. But I should really throw out lots of stuff I don't wear anymore.. but it's so hard!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Steph, you are very welcomed! It's a blessing to be a housewife! And ESP one that spreads joy through her beautiful garden pics!

Malar said...

Err....Your birthday in Feb? Happy belated birthday to you!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Malar!! :)

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