Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Moonflowers?

Now, this plant of mine grew from a seed.. As my seed management skills obviously has great rooms for improvements, I didn't know what plant this is.

Now my plant has flowered. The flowers are a bright fuschia pink. And they have a really nice smell... not unlike a perfume I once had. The perfume had a distinctly sweet flora smell.. like jasmine but gentler and sweeter. Now these flowers smell a bit like that perfume, which supposedly had moonflower fragrance.

So now I am a little confused.. I always thought moonflowers were white!

Hm.. does anyone know what is this plant and how I should take care of it?


Stephanie said...

It's so pretty! I have not seen one before. So, can't give any advice. But the fact that it has blossomed for you. I think the plant is doing well :-D

Blur Ting said...

I wonder if it is the 4 o'clock flower?

milka said...

Beautiful and sexy. Have not seen this before sorry can't help.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thank you Stephanie and Milka! Hehe, this is the first time I have a compliment on my plant for being "sexy".. thank you! :D

bradyb said...

We have had these since we moved into our house. We have 2 shades of pink and now yellow started popping up. They are a perrenial. We live in wisconsin and even with the snow and cold temps they still come back every year.

Under the flower willbe a big brown seed. Last year I collected some seeds & burried them slightly to expand the moon flower garden. Not sure if they are actually moon flowers but that's what I call them since they only open at night.

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