Friday, April 29, 2011

Itinerary for Malacca Trip

A dear friend of mine is travelling to Malacca soon as well and asked for our itinerary for Malacca.

So I thought I'd share it here.

Our itinerary was simple. We really only had a single objective - food!

Day 1 - 
- We drove up to Malacca early in the morning, since it was a public holiday in Singapore. We reached the causeway at about 630am and thankfully, the traffic wasn't too crazy. By 945am, we reached our hotel in Malacca.
- The Puri Hotel is a really nice Peranakan hotel to stay in, highly recommended by The Brother. We didn't stay there this time, unfortunately, since it was fully booked out for the long weekend.
- We walked around Jonker Street, had some really good chendol and laksa at Jonker88, ate a few chicken rice balls at Hoe Kee and did some window shopping.
- Then we went to the malls nearby to escape the hot sun and did more window shopping.
- We then had a really good massage around the Jonker street area before resting at the hotel
At night, we walked around the night market on Jonker street and then ended the night with a icy chilled drink at the Geographer Cafe

Day 2
There wasn't very much we wanted to do on Day 2.
- We woke up for a late local-styled dim sum breakfast at an old coffeeshop on blacksmith street.
- Then we walked around the Christ Church Melaka area. When the afternoon sun came out, we decided to go back to the mall for some cakes and tea at Nadeje Cafe.
- We lazed about the whole afternoon until dinner time. This time, we had dinner at a Peranakan restaurant called Nancy's Kitchen and then found a vintage looking pub where we hanged around until time for supper.
- Supper was another yummy affair at Pak Putra - where I had the best Naan and Tandoori Chicken I've ever had.

Day 3
- We had breakfast and then went around Jonker Street, buying some local cakes and biscuits to bring back home to Singapore. Personally, I find most of the cakes and biscuits not as great as my favourite shops in Singapore. I thought gula melaka was my best buy.
- And then we headed back home. If you leave Malacca in the morning, apparently it's unlikely that you'd hit a bit jam at the Causeway... Well, at least we didn't!

Malacca is a nice place to go for a short getaway. I would recommend going there with a great book and an even better appetite!

Lots of shops along Jonker Street sell cold bottled fruit juice. 
Very helpful when the sun is frightful


milka said...

Love all the Melacca pics you posted. I must visit there someday!

Malar said...

Your trip sounds so interesting with a lot of food! I miss chendol now....!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe, thanks Milka!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Malar! I miss chendol too!

fer said...

Seems like a great trip! hope you had fun!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Fer, good to hear from you! I did enjoy the trip a lot. Thanks! :)

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