Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patisserie Tony Wong

Kowloon City is an old part of Hong Kong where the old Kai Tak airport used to be. It is home to lots of old shops in Hong Kong, including lots of places I like - like really good Thai restaurants, Big Wife Beef Noodles (best beef noodles), really good fruit stalls, a very traditional and nice dim sum restaurant, a good tea shop.. and now this...

Patisserie Tony Wong.

This place has given me another reason to like Kowloon City.

Tony Wong is a famous pastry chef in Hong Kong. I've seen him in action on some cooking show before - he may be boring but he can sure bake and create all kinds of wonderful looking pastries.

I liked everything I saw in his shop but I only had the stomach for 1, so I chose a very pretty looking raspberry choux pastry.

The shop doesn't have any seats but if you want to eat your pastry right there, they'd give you a nice little tray and you can stand at a little bar by the counter to polish up when you ordered.

A little awkward, really.. but I couldn't care less that day. I took my camera out and snapped away at the pastry, before eating it reluctantly. It looked so pretty I couldn't bear to take my first bite!

The raspberry part was fantastic - the raspberry went very well with the sweet jelly-like thing that was piped into the middle of each fruit. The pastry was a little tough for my liking but it was filled with a really nice vanilla creme.

Doesn't this look pretty?

I liked the jelly-like thing in the middle of the raspberry 
and the vanilla jam in the middle of the choux pastry

I will be going back again to try more cakes, that's for sure.

The house specialty is the rose-like cake - It is beautiful and would make a lovely gift, I think.

Patisserie Tony Wong
Add: 74 Fok Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City
Tel: (852) 2382 6639

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