Monday, September 19, 2011

Homemade Shanghainese Wantons

When we have homemade wantons at home, it could only mean one thing - The Mother-in-law is staying with us!

She arrived last Friday, with lots of different goodies from Hong Kong.. including fresh wanton skin from the market near her home!

These are different, she insist. These are apparently Shanghainese wantons and indeed, they look and taste very different then the Cantonese ones.

The way to make the filling and wrap them is pretty similar. It's the wanton skin that differentiates the 2 types of wanton.

The skin of the Shanghainese wanton is thicker and paler in colour. The Cantonese wanton skin is yellow from the egg yolks used and usually have an alkaline taste to it. This is due the alkaline water added to make the texture of the skin springy.

I like both types of wantons - Shanghainese, or Cantonese. And I'm lucky The Mother-in-law likes making them.. because whilst they are very yummy... they are a lot of work.

See this post on how to make them at home. 

The wantons go very well with this brand of chilli from Hong Kong - Koon Yick Wah Kee chilli sauce. This chilli sauce is slightly spicy and quite sour. Very suitable with piping hot wantons!


Wen-ai said...

They look SUPER delicious!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh they are.. heheh.

Rene said...

Mmm mmm mmm ... those wantons are wrapped so nicely! Looking at it now makes me hungry!

Blur Ting said...

The shape is so nice, really pro!

Malar said...

Your MIL must be very good in wrapping the wanton! It look good! Must be yummy!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Haha.. she will be so happy with all these comments. :)

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