Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chocolate Rum Balls

We lived next to my grandmother for a few years when I was younger. I was going to the kindergarten at that time and my grandmother would fetch me to school every morning and then pick me up from school in the afternoon.

I remember tagging along when she does her marketing before I went to school, and on some days, tagging along whilst she ran some errands in the afternoon.

Grandma used to sometimes buy me little bribes me to keep nice and obedient whilst I tagged alongside her. One certain days, it'd be a packet of drink, on others, it'd be a chocolate coin. My favourite was when she would let me choose a little treat from the confectionery shop. I would always choose a little cake shaped like a little mouse. It was a dense chocolate cake covered in chocolate rice, with almonds for its ears and cream/ chocolate for the eyes.

A couple of years later, the confectionery shop near our place stopped selling them in a form of a mouse and started selling them as regular, round rum balls.

Rum balls are still one of my favourite snacks after all these years. I even learnt how to make these little babies (leftover chocolate cake, heavy cream, chocolate and of course, rum). But it's always easier to buy these and there are a few shops out there that sell them just the way I like them - with a strong taste of nostalgia.

One of those shops is Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry - the shop that also sells those famous golf-ball sized pineapple tarts and bean curd tarts. Their rum balls come coated with a layer of chocolate and are very dense indeed, with a slight hint of the rum.

Perfect with a cup of coffee or if you are not having any caffeine (like me), a hot drink of lemon, honey, ginger and lemongrass.


petunialee said...

Hmmmmm... you always make food look so nice on your blog!!

Stephanie said...

Love to make some rum balls one day :-D

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe, thanks Petunia! Such a nice compliment :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Stephanie, oh.. do make some! They are very simple.. come to think of it.. I should make a batch too..

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