Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mad about Waffles

I have this thing about waffles.

I love to eat them.

I've tried lots of waffles around, and sadly, most waffles are just not up to mark, according to me anyway.

My favourite waffles so far are the ones from Wimbly Lu.

Of course, I still think that the ones from the fast food chain A&W are a lot better (a lot more more crispy and I think soft cream goes better with waffles than ice-cream), but you can't get them in Singapore, so Wimby Lu's ones are good enough.

When it comes to gourmet waffles, I really miss the ones in the Melange Cafe in Taipei. This cafe makes really good waffles with custard cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry jam on the side.

The following pictures are some of the waffles I've eaten over the past few months. I'm still on the look out for good waffles in Singapore.

Where do you think sell the best waffles in Singapore?

Waffles from A&W

Waffles from Coffee Bean at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Waffles we had in a random shop in Bali - good but a little too cake-ish

Belgium waffles with ricotta cheese and cherries on SQ flight to London

Waffles with chocolate ice-cream at the Wimbly Lu. I prefer the plain version with 
maple syrup at Wimbly Lu since I find the homemade ice-cream too thick and creamy


Malar said...

I love waffles! I like the waffle in last picture! Yummy!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh Malar - if you have an opportunity, must try that last one. But then Malaysia has got A&W and I think their waffles are great, if not better!!

Unknown said...

So far my fav waffle in Singapore will be the waffle from Ice Cream Frenzy.:)

Unknown said...

So far my fav waffle is the waffle from Ice-cream Frenzy at West Coast. :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh I have to try that!

GlOOMY said...

I like the Vanilla and Cinnamon Apple from the Mayor of Tiny Town

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