Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ice-blended Kiwi

The kiwi fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is something I'm trying to have more of.

I don't usually like the green type of kiwifruit - the golden ones are great and always sweet but with the green ones, sometimes you end up with very tart ones that are just too puckering sour for me.

So using them in juices are great - I sometimes blend them plain with some simple syrup and ice.. and sometimes with a bottle of Yakult.

Kiwis are full of Vitamin C, low in calories, high in anti-oxidants and is a very good source of folic acid. They are also good for digestion because they contain an enzyme called actinidin, which helps to digest proteins. This makes kiwis a form of natural laxative, very helpful for the sluggish preganancy digestive system that causes constipation.

For some reason (and I think it's because of actinidin), some people advise against pregnant ladies having kiwis.


Wen-ai said...

Have you started drinking coconut juice yet? Haha... old wives tales: drinking coconut juice will allow your baby to have super smooth skin or somehing along that line. It is also a mild laxative, which is very helpful at the last trim! I was drinking at least 1 coconut a day from 38 weeks onwards. ;)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh I have.. I'd eat whatever promises good skin, except weird/ adventurous food.. :) but I drink coconut once or twice a week - that's all. Mild laxative! Just what I need - I should drink more then. It's a bother though hunting down fresh coconut....

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