Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review of 2012 Resolutions

A review of 2012 Resolutions:

1. Eat healthily
Check - thanks to poor appetite from January to April, I ate quite a bit of salad and light food.. except after that, I kept drinking lots of bubble tea and Taiwanese-style fried chicken.. But I made sure I ate lots of fruits every day when I was pregnant.. But bubble tea and fried chicken.. Hm.. okay, so maybe, partial check.

2. Change my lifestyle
Partial check again. My lifestyle has certainly changed since I started my maternity leave.. but before that, my hours were not so good and weekends mostly boring.

Still, I did manage to spend quite a bit more time with my parents this year, having dinners and during weekends.. so okay, partial check is fine.

3. Enjoy life a little more heartily
I can't claim even partial check to this. I still worry too much. Oh my, I'm turning out to be one of those women who worry about everything! Not good...

But 2 partial checks out of 3... isn't all that bad.

*Gives myself a pat on my back*

Now, I need to think carefully about 2013 Resolutions..

Homemade Mee Hoon Kuey with lots of vegetables. 
I ate lots of this dish when during the 9 months..

My mum made sure I ate very well and very healthily 
during my one month confinement

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