Friday, January 18, 2013

Transition Time

In another 2 plus weeks, I'd go back to work.

Hence, starting this week, I leave Little N at the caretaker's place in the day.

I feel really blessed that my mum is that caretaker. We had found a nanny for Little N but just last week, my mum told me that she had thought about it and that she would like to care for Little N whilst I'm at work. If there is one person I trust to look after Little N whilst we go to work, it is my mum.. so I'm most happy to hear that. But I'm also worried that taking care of the baby will be too tiring for her.. After all, my mum has loads of other things to do..

So far, the transition has been good. I stayed with Little N the whole day on the first day and half a day on the second day.. She seemed to have adapted quite well to my mum's place - she has her own room at my mum's! It was actually my room during my uni days many years ago.

My mum seemed to be coping quite well.. though I am still worried for her health and personal time. I guess I'd have to try to take regular time off work to give her some rest time.

Because Little N is at my mum's, I have had quite a bit of time to myself this week.. and probably for the next 2 weeks. There are lots of things that I need to do.. I actually got a list of to-dos listed down. Cleaning, clearing up the storeroom, clearing up the balcony (my poor plants!) and lots of errands to run..

But I found some time to make a simple lunch for myself yesterday - Pan-fried Salmon and Prawns salad. It's really simple, I pan fried some salmon and prawns with sea salt, herbs and olive oil and then put them on a bed of rocket leaves. I topped the salad off with dried blueberries, sesame seeds and some Japanese sesame dressing and lunch was done!

I do miss Little N very much during the day though... I find it quite hard to concentrate fully on my stuff.. even if I do enjoy the little pockets of rest time I have now and then.

A simple lunch

My little girl can read! Haha.. or she looks like she can!

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