Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Weekend Routine

  • Wake up at 630 or 7, depending of what time Little N wakes. How I wish she has a concept of sleeping in during weekends! I suppose that will come one day... 
  • Feed Little N
  • Take a shower, pack Little N's breakfast whilst The Husband plays with her
  • Have breakfast outside together with Little N
  • Attend a 75min class together with Little N
  • Go home and cook Little N's lunch whilst she naps
  • Catch a break myself if she naps longer
  • Pack Little N's lunch and then go out for lunch
  • Go home after lunch and bathe Little N
  • Play, read and crawl around with Little N until about 4pm
  • Feed Little N milk and hopes she takes an afternoon nap. If she does, I'd cook her dinner and do some housework
  • If she naps quite well, I'd have a bit of me-time to either take a catnap or have some tea
  • If she doesn't nap, I give up after about 60-90 mins and will cook her dinner and then play her her until dinner time
  • Feed Little N dinner and then bathe her
  • Read to Little N, bring her out to the balcony to take a look at the birds going home and then put her to sleep
  • Depending on whether she took a nap in the afternoon, it may take anything between 15mins to 60mins to get her to sleep
  • Have dinner with The Husband at home (We usually pack back)
  • There are some evenings where Little N will wake between 9pm to 12 midnight. If she wakes, carry or feed her so she goes back to la-la land
  • Spend some me-time surfing the internet, reading or just lazing around before going to bed
  • Wake up around 1 to 2 times in the night.. bad nights I'd wake up to 3 times..
  • Very similar to Saturdays except we go to church in the morning and then go out for brunch after church
  • The rest of the day is similar to Saturday
 A busy Little N playing with blocks..


Malar said...

That's very tied routine! Your daughter is just very cute baby! Soon i will be in this kind of routine....

My Sinfonia said...

My my...routine for a long while yet?? Keke...happy parenting!

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