Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Weekday Routine

Little N is turning 10 months soon.

I think that one day, I might actually forget this so I thought I should write down how my daily routine has been like since I started working.

On weekdays
  • Wake up at 6-ish to her whimpers in the other room
  • Feed her and then play with her until 7, when The Husband takes over for 15 mins whilst I shower
  • The Husband leaves for work at 715
  • Continue playing with her until about 8, when my mum comes by after her morning exercise to pick Little N up to spend the day at her place
  • Do my laundry or some other housework (pick up toys, clear the diaper bin..) and then leave for work
  • Eat breakfast as I navigate through the morning traffic to work
  • Clear my never ending emails (what do people do before emails?), administrative stuff and some actual work if I'm lucky in the morning
  • Have a meeting with my team
  • Go to the nursing room at about 11am for 15 mins and then rush back for meetings
  • Go out for a good lunch at about 1230pm (I insist on having a nice lunch on most days - it keeps me sane. On the days that I can't help but have to pack lunch in to work from my desk, I feel miserable. There are other days when I'd spend my lunch running some errands.. but even that helps me take some time away from work in the day, so I don't really mind)
  • Start my meetings from around 2pm
  • Use 15mins of the 30 mins I've set aside in my calendar to go to the nursing room again at around 3pm. Spend the other 10mins or so following up on some matters from my earlier meetings
  • Continue with more meetings (over the phone)
  • Finish off my last call in the office at 6pm. Try to resolve some issues or send out a last email from office and leave by around 630pm
  • Pack chilled milk and drive home 
  • Say hi to my parents and Little N at home.. Change and get a run down of Little N's day from my mum before she goes home
  • Spend some time reading to Little N and then feed her before she sleeps for the day
  • The Husband usually returns after she sleeps with dinner and we'd have dinner together before I start my calls again at 830pm
  • On days where I have calls starting from 8pm, I'd have dinner after my calls end
  • Most days, I'd have about 1-1.5 hrs of meetings in the evenings
  • Take a shower if I didn't have time to do so before my meeting starts 
  • There are some evenings where Little N will wake between 9pm to 12 midnight. If she wakes, carry or feed her so she goes back to la-la land
  • Spend some me-time surfing the internet, reading or just lazing around before going to bed
  • Wake up around 1 to 2 times in the night.. bad nights I'd wake up to 3 times..
  • On good days, she won't wake and I'd get at least 6 hours of continuous sleep. The frequency of good days though over the last 2 months is about 4 nights over the entire 2 months.
I am very impressed by mothers who can cook, bake and still maintain their hobbies... or even serve in church.

My plants are dying, I have not cooked for the longest time (not for adults), my house is messy and my laundry is piling up all the time.

I do wish I have more energy to do other stuff.. I suppose you just have to make yourself do it.. no matter how tired you are.. to break out of the normal routine.

    To be continued..


    Celine said...

    It does get easier as they grow up... hugs hugs... hang in there!oh, and being conscious of how you spend your time (so that you get through each day relatively sane) helps.

    My basil plants have given up on me too, and quietly turned brown in their corner. I dunno whether to laugh or cry..... Laughter is better la. Heh.

    Wen-ai said...

    Wow... just reading your schedule actually made feel rather ashamed of myself! You are a super mommy already!

    Unknown said...

    That is impressive. Not sure if my wife or I can do that when we start to have kiddsos....scaryy....this is worse than running a marathon!

    Petunia Lee said...

    Super Mommy!