Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Week in the Business District

I've always worked in the business district in Singapore.. For the better part of my career, I have been working in Raffles Place.

The furthest away from Raffles Place I got was Raffles City/ Marina Square area.

From next week onwards, my team will be moving to an office in the suburbs, very near to where I live currently.

I've always "complained" about working in the business district. The rush hour traffic, the mad rush during lunch hour..

But I think working in the business district also did mean I could quite easily meet a good number of my friends for lunch.. if I wanted to. There are also lots of choices for good food in the area.

My new office will be next to a Sheng Shiong supermarket and there aren't very much nearby apart of some apartments and some factories.

It'd be nice to stay near the office for a change. But sadly, it'd only be for a maximum period of 2 months because I will be moving to somewhere rather far away... (by Singapore standards anyway).

So.. goodbye Raffles Place.. for now.

And goodbye to my great window view. I will miss you.


Malar said...

Your office is at beautiful place! Hope the new place make you happy!

YY Yu said...

Hi there! I am YY. I see your notice on and want to tell you that I love this Bah Kuh The picture( you posted...
May I use it in a flyer about local food?I'll definitely send you a flyer PDF for your archival.

Thanks greatly! Do let me know.


YY Yu said...

Hi there!
My name is YY. I saw this picture( online and loved it very much. So I came here and found your copyright notice:) That is lovely!! I wanted to use this photo in a flyer design of local food that I am working on recently. I'll let you have the flyer PDF for you archival and of course, feel free to attend this food festival in coming September!!(sorry our website is still work in progress...will update you once ready)

Thanks and cheers,

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