Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It’s been a while

I have not been posting for a long time.

Looking back at my posts in the blog, there were so many things I am reminded about and I really wanted to restart blogging as a way to document my memories.

But each time I thought about doing it, I thought of the effort I need to put in to “catch up” and blog about the “missing years” and it just seems to much for me.

Then the solution came to me recently.

Just don’t bother to catch up.

Well, I should have thought about that earlier.


So here I am, many years later, with my girl in primary school, ready to start blogging again.

About school, our impending renovation and move, family projects and travel. Basically about my life, but as it is now..

I’m back.. 5 years and probably 1,000 coffees later

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