Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A new tree for Balcony No. 3

I've been thinking about what plants to get for Balcony No. 3.

I want a tree and some bigger plants.. no herbs for this balcony.. just plants with flowers and with a bit of shade..

Balcony No. 3 is one of our 2 "bigger" balconies. It's not really that big.. but definitely bigger than Balcony No. 1.

Right now, we only have a set of outdoor table and chairs and a large deck umbrella in this balcony... and I feel that it is rather bare.. "Bare" as in... it can do with some plants.

I've been meaning to buy some plants for this balcony for the longest time now.. but have been hesitating because I'm not sure what plants to get.. And so.. I haven't done a thing for this balcony "garden-wise".

And so when The Husband said last week we should go get some new, big plants.. I was really excited.

I definitely know what I don't want for this balcony:
1. I don't want something so busy and thick that it blocks my view from this balcony
2. I don't want plants that shed too much leaves too frequently.. (just imagine the amount of sweeping I have to do!)
3. I don't want something too delicate because it will get lots of hot sun and strong winds
4. I don't want something too fussy and hard to take care of because there'd be days I don't want to step out into the hot sun to take care of it.

Now that I know what I don't want... and armed with the suggestions kind folks at the GCS forum have given me.. (Frangipani.. palms.. heliconia... They all sound great!) It's time to go shopping!

I just have to mix and match properly to make it work.

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